Superbook Reaches the Children of Vietnam

January 2015

This past Christmas, CBN’s Superbook came to the nation of Vietnam.

“This is the very, very first 3D Christian animation in Vietnam and everybody loves it,” said Phuc, CBN Vietnam’s National Director.

Even though it is more than 90 percent Buddhist there, most people celebrate Christmas.

“Everyone in Vietnam knows Christmas,” added Phuc. “They give greeting cards, say ‘Merry Christmas’, decorate their houses, but they don’t really know the meaning of Christmas.”

Phuc set up the Superbook outreach in nearly 1,300 churches and in lots of homes. Children invited their Buddhist friends and more than 44,000 kids learned about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas.

“I learned that Christmas is when Jesus was born. It’s also the time when I should worship, honor Him,” said one 7-year-old girl.

“I enjoyed the time travel,” added an 11-year-old boy. “Superbook brought us back to Bible times.”

Kids were also encouraged to invite friends to their homes to share the SuperbookChristmas and Creation stories.

“After watching Superbook in church, I wanted to see it again,” said 10-year-old Khanh Ngan. “And I wanted my cousins to watch it, so they could learn about Jesus and follow His ways.”

“I believe in the future, the kids in Vietnam everywhere will see Superbook on television, on the Internet, it will be everywhere in Vietnam,” said Phuc.

“I want to watch more stories in the future! Thank you CBN for bringing Superbook to Vietnam!” added Khanh Ngan.

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