Superbook Comes to Warsaw

August 2017

On the 23rd of August Superbook and Gizmo took centre stage in Warsaw, Poland. Children came to watch Superbook episodes in this very busy city centre and many passers by stopped to get a taste of the action. It was a great opportunity to promote and advertise Superbook in Poland amongst both Non-Christians and Christians. The team also taught the Salvation Poem dance to the children and preached the Gospel. Meanwhile, Gizmo wandered around the main streets of Warsaw where many children and adults stopped and smiled to take photos with him. Lots of the children and their parents knew of Superbook from one national TV station’s broadcasts so they also recognised Gizmo.

On the 24th and 25th of August the team held two other events in the ‘Big Tent’ located in a very deprived  housing estate in Warsaw. On the second day, they visited the local playgrounds to invite kids for the event. Surprising, more than half of the children they approached already knew about Superbook. They had watched the programme on the TVP ABC channel. They shared  about their favourite Bible characters and some of children said that their school teachers, especially the ones of religious lessons, had showed them Superbook episodes during school. There were around 40 children that attended on the first day and 30 on the second.

Some people had travelled from afar to join the events and to meet Gizmo. There was one lady there with her two sons who had moved from Egypt to Poland three years ago and the boys love watching Superbook on National TV.  The older boy called Karis heard about Jesus for the first time, through Superbook. He won a Superbook T-shirt at the event and His brother received a children’s Bible. His mother now wants to keep in touch and to find out about the Christian faith. One of the parents who attended one of the events shared how Superbook has helped her shy natured eight year old, Gabriel to be more open.

About 40 children raised their hand when being asked who wants to give their life to Jesus

Overall, it was a great promotional event and a great opportunity to make Superbook known within Poland especially amongst Christians. Many of the families invited Gizmo to come to their cities and towns and said they would like to organize Superbook camps and clubs.

Written by Ania and Naomi (Superbook Team UK)

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