Chavoin and her family all find God

May 2017

When Chavoin came home from school each afternoon, she knew it was best to wait outside until the shouting stopped. Her parents argued almost every day. One day Chavoin’s friends found her crying under a tree. They invited her to watch Superbook with them at a mission church in her local village. Chavoin watched the episode from the story of David and Goliath. At the end of the episode, the pastor of the church asked if any of the children wanted to give their lives to Jesus. Chavoin gave her life to God after realising that he could forgive her for all the things she had done wrong.

Chavoin then began to pray for her father who was an alcoholic. She prayed that he would stop drinking and that he would know Jesus. Chavoin’s parents were Buddhists but she began to tell them what she had been learning through Superbook and she would often get them round the table and share the Bible with them. God gave Chavoin the courage to talk to her dad about his drinking. She told her father that God could forgive him and his behaviour. Her father began attending church with Chavoin and watched various Superbook episodes with her. Through learning more about God through these episodes, Chavoin’s father prayed to become a Christian. After Chavoin’s father gave his life to God, he radically changed. He stopped drinking and started taking care of his family. He became a whole new person. He was no longer angry towards his wife and children. He began treating them like Jesus would treat them. He showed them love and kindness. Chavoin’s mother was so impacted by the change she saw in her husband that she too gave her life to Jesus. Now Chavoin’s whole family including her brothers and sister believe in God and attend church regularly.

From watching Superbook, Chavoin saw her father restored emotionally and physically and her whole family find Jesus. This is just one testimony out of hundreds we receive about what God is doing through Superbook all around the world.

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Written By Naomi Downes 

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