Superbook Launches in Croatia!

December 2016

After two years of hard work and preparation, translating episodes and making connections, Superbook officially launched in Croatia this month!

The connections definitely paid off. When Croatian National TV Station heard about Superbook, they couldn’t get enough of it. They began broadcasting it for an hour each morning on national television, reaching thousand of viewers.

Once the team arrived in Croatia, no time was wasted. They hit the ground running, holding four events in one week, all in different cities. While each event was unique, the purpose remained the same: children learned the true meaning of Christmas and heard the gospel preached in a way that was relevant to them.

The first Superbook event was held in Vukovar, a city in the east of Croatia. A total of 20 children came to the event. The second event was held in Osijek with a similar turnout. The third was held in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, where there was a huge turnout of 100 people. At the fourth event, in Ploce, there was a total of 80 people.  In just a couple of weeks, a total of over 200 children came to a Superbook Event, where they heard the gospel, sang the salvation song, and had a special appearance from Gizmo. The children loved watching Superbook and especially loved meeting Gizmo.

If you are interested in being a part of what Superbook is doing, you can sign up to become a Superbook Project member here. By giving monthly, you are investing in the production of Superbook, translation of episodes, and above all, changing lives with the Gospel.

Written by Morgan Scott

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