Superbook at the Theatre!

April 2017

On Monday 10th April, the first afternoon of the school holidays, Superbook hosted a special event at The Courtyard, Hereford. The free screening was a sell-out! Over 100 people came to watch He is Risen! and Peter’s Denial, meet Gizmo, dance to the Salvation Poem, play games and win prizes. Each child left with their own copy of Peter’s Denial, having learned about Jesus’ death, resurrection and the life-changing forgiveness he offers.

Hereford churches were all involved, and many from across the city were represented. Children had been encouraged to bring their friends too. Families came from further afield, from Worcester and Malvern, and one family came all the way from Manchester on a 3-hour bus! The Courtyard was a fantastic venue; one of the stewards was a Christian and loved the event, even taking a copy of the DVD home for her granddaughter.

The children loved meeting Gizmo and seeing the Easter story in a way that’s relevant and engaging.

Martha, 5, said “It was nice, lots of my friends were there. It was sad that the people were so unkind to Jesus, and I cried when he died and needed to cuddle my nanny. I was happy when he came back to life. I want to tell my teacher about Superbook when I go back to school.”

Hugo, 6, really enjoyed the games and meeting Gizmo. He loved it when Gizmo shot the basketballs at the unkind boys in the episode. Hugo said “Death could not hold Jesus because Jesus is more powerful. Easter is not about chocolate.”

This event was a great success, and Hereford looks forward to the next Superbook event!

Written by Milly Smart

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